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The Wok Bar located at 180 Worcester St, Wellesley, MA is the best destination for those who want to experience fresh and healthy foodstuffs. The Wok Bar Wellesley specializes in Szechuan, Hunan and Hong Kong style cuisine. . If you love to eat Asian food and enjoy exploring food, culture, and culinary traditions of Japanese food, Chinese food, The Wok Bar Wellesley should be at the top of your bucket list. Our food is as much about the preparation and presentation as it is the food itself. Each day, The Wok’s chefs select the freshest produce to create your meal. We use a unique style of cooking that requires an especially hot wok to seal in flavors while keeping vegetables crisp.

The Wok Bar Wellesley uses NO MSG and its food contains no trans-fat. We are committed to your satisfaction and health. All food is cooked to order, so if you would like something prepared a certain way, please let us know. We have a healthy heart menu for those who are especially watching their diets.The Wok Bar Wellesley many items are seared, boiled or eaten raw and minimally seasoned. We are very health caring; when foods are fried at our Chinese restaurant (like tempura) the batter is thin and absorbs very little oil. Our condiments add diversity; at The Wok Bar Wellesley chef’s use, simple condiments often add to enhance the flavors. Light dipping sauces, citrus, miso, wasabi, pickles, and soy sauce included with the course. We welcome you to enjoy the best Chinese, Japanese Asian fusion food and Sushi in The Wok Bar Wellesley.

Cooking with Love, Flavour & Style. Top rated Asian fusion Restaurant of Town

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